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Ann has consistently produced top-notch, professional communications
in the 20-plus years we’ve worked together. I would recommend her
in a heartbeat.

Jean O.
Manager, Human Resources Communications


For more than a decade, Ann and I have worked on corporate projects
such as annual reports, white papers
and web site redesign. She is creative, forward-thinking, and
a pleasure to work with.

Millie D.
Program Manager,
People with Disabilities



Jumpstart your Communications

Take your communications from run-of-the-mill to superb! Discover the added value of a coach with more than two decades of experience with three of the Fortune 10. Ann can quickly suggest the right approach and help you execute it—from executive blogs and web features to human resource manuals and company announcements. 

Savvy executives also depend upon Ann to:

  • Read and summarize lengthy documents, policies or articles
  • Develop strategy documents and marketing plans
  • Generate follow-up questions and recommendations
  • Draft performance appraisals and job descriptions.

Contact Ann to see how she can help free up more hours in your day!


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