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I still use information Ann covered in her communications workshop. The audience was diverse with many different needs, but Ann wove the material to be meaningful for all. Well worth the fee and a program that can actually generate useful outcomes.

Philip T.
Assistant Director,
Career Development


Ann’s workshop was like a breath of fresh air. Her three stages of creativity gave me a new way to approach
my creative process that freed me from
my own critical judgments. How cool
is that? In the 60s vernacular,
it's mind expanding!

Frank V.
Director - Audio Visual, Strategic Marketing and Communications



Jumpstart Communications

Learn the secrets and shortcuts in corporate communications from a professional with
20 years’ experience working for three of the Fortune 10. This workshop will cover effective interviewing, writing that speaks to today’s overloaded employees, and editing work
to be its best. Find out how to speak diplomatically to stakeholders and manage large projects. Attendees consistently give this workshop five stars.

Jumpstart Creativity

You know you’re creative, so why aren’t you moving ahead on your dream projects?
This workshop will introduce you to the three phases of creativity that always need
to remain separate—or they will sabotage one another. You’ll get to know each one so you can be fully present when you’re in it. The result is a like a tune-up—you will be ready to shift into high gear and accelerate your output dramatically.

Jumpstart Poetry

William Carlos Williams has famously said, “No ideas but in things.” Mark Doty, inspired by a mackerel display at his local grocery store, later wrote a poem which resonates with the enormous loss of the AIDS epidemic. In this poetry workshop, we’ll look at specific images as the doorway to processing and communicating emotion. We’ll examine how a few poets accomplish this task, and then do some writing ourselves. 



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